Siege is only used on the main PVP world. World 2 is PVP/Siege free.

Players are not immune to PvP on their land in the pvp world. When your land is claimed other players can not use your buttons/switches for doors. A player can create a safe home by designing access mechanisms into it (iron doors with buttons, for example).

You are only able to siege another player if they are standing in their claim usingĀ /Siege. When you siege you will only be able to break soft blocks as listed down below . When building your home make sure to be considerate of how you place hard and soft blocks in order to make your base siege proof. When a player is logged out or away from their home their land is protected. If you try to destroy their claim it would be griefing.

While under siege, containers in the sieged claim will be disabled, and no blocks can be placed. This is a small penalty for refusing to fight. Also it is to prevent players from stuffing all of their valuables into a chest before going out to fight, or building themselves into a safe room. Players under siege are also unable to toss items on the ground for later retrieval, or log out. So a player under siege must either wait it out, fight and risk losing items, or try to escape. Note that, there is nothing stopping a defender from receiving items from someone else (think supply lines). Similarly, anyone may join in on the attacking side without even issuing the /siege command.

The siege ends when the attacker gives up and leaves the area (defender wins), the defender escapes (attacker wins), or one of the two dies or logs out. The defender hasn’t “escaped” until he’s both in an unprotected area and a reasonable distance away from the attacker. If a defender runs to another claim where he’s protected, the siege will extend to include that claim as well.

When a defending player loses, their doors unlock so that the victors can collect the loser’s drops. After a short time, any players who don’t have access to the claim will be ejected to discourage in-home camping. The attacker can’t siege the defender or his claim again for an hour.

This may seem like the attacker has the advantage, but a well-prepared defender can prepare not only an impenetrable build but traps to murder anyone trying to siege them.

Here is the list of breakable blocks in a Siege. Keep in mind when reviewing the list that even if the soft block is formed into another item ex. stairs or planks, it is still a soft block.

  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Long Grass
  • Cobblestone
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Glass
  • Wood / Planks
  • Wool
  • Snow
  • Clay
  • Ice
  • End Stone
  • Glowstone